Dufferin Horses

Posted June 25 2015 in Horses


The film ‘Dufferin Horses’ was produced in 1953 at James Franceschini’s breathtaking estate, Dufferin Haven in Mt. Tremblant Quebec.

Set high above the shores of Lac Tremblant, with a view of the world famous ski resort, Dufferin Haven was a paradise for man and beast alike.

If you are someone that loves horses, be it quarterhorses, dressage, hunters, thoroughbreds, standardbreads, show horses or just your loveable old nag, this is a film for you.

Franceschini’s love for horses dated back to his childhood in Italy, where he looked after the large draft horses that pulled the wagons full of retail goods his father sold at local fairs.

After immigrating to Canada in 1905, he worked in the construction industry, founding Dufferin Construction, a company that is still in business today.

In Canada, the purchase of his first horse set him apart from his rivals and competitors striving to get a foothold in the local building industry.

Little did James know then that one day he would become one of the most accomplished and respected show horse breeders in the world.

This film ‘Dufferin Horses showcases some of the elite show horses of the era, highlighting their precise gaits and stunning style singly, in pairs and also four-in hand unison.

Also on display are some of the finest carriages and passenger coaches ever seen in North America.

James Franceschini imported champion stallions and mares from England and the United States to refine and expand his incredible stable of show stock.

He was inducted into the Canadian Hackney Society Hall of Fame in 2003.

A complete tour of Dufferin Haven is included in the film, which is informatively narrated and musically scored.

While time has faded some of the images, the viewer will certainly experience a magical trip back to yesteryear in a breathtaking setting.