Tirebiter Times, Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo

Posted June 15 2015 in Music



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img127 copyIn the 1970’s Tirebiter Sound was the place to hang, for hip musicians and all those cool cats that wanted to do their thang.

img142 copyEven the big boys came around, so all those cool cats could hear their funky sound.

hockey-scan-2Now there’s a story here that needs to be told, and I promise to tell it before I get too old.

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The little drummer boy plays his drum, pa rum pum pum pum.




Tied up for lunch with this bunch is quite the crunch.



Feel the Heat when the Beat’s on the Street

Tirebiter Times

Tirebiter Productions and Tirebiter Sound were created by four music enthusiasts in the early 1970’s whose vision embraced the “Summer of Love” social phenomenon.

Espousing peace and love for all, this culture evolved to a backdrop of incredible new music.

Music that was raw, iconic, diverse and the most politically charged in history.

Tirebiter was in the forefront of bringing it to their followers.

The heart and soul of Tirebiter could be found behind a three storey psychedelic guitar painted on a building in the heart of Toronto, Canada.

If you were to peek through the star on the front door you would see a pinball machine that needed no money to play.

If you walked through that door, you would be the star.

The vibe was always warm and welcoming and your eyes would behold some of the most unique muscial equipment one could find.

Mellotron synthesizers, Zickos acrylic drums, kick-ass Ampeg amps, Fender Rhodes pianos, and guitars of all makes and vintages.

There was a jam studio in the basement where wandering minstrels could come and linger then ply their trade till the sun came up.

This place cooked night and day.

Those wandering minstrels were some of the biggest international stars on the circuit.

Johnny Winter, Paul Butterfield, Jeff Beck, John Hammond, Steve Miller, Roy Bucanon, Van Morrison, Dr. Hook, Cheech and Chong, Dave Brubeck, Cold Blood, and many more were welcomed with open arms.

Pinball Wizards all.

Where will it end?