A Horse Lover’s Paradise

Nestled into eighty acres of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains, one of the most stunningly beautiful horse emporiums that ever existed was built in the 1940’s by Canadian construction visionary James Franceschini. High above the shores of Lac Tremblant and resting in the shadows of the famed Mt. Tremblant ski resort, Dufferin Haven, as Franceschini named his […]

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Posted November 22 2016 in Horses

Horses, Horses, Horses!

Isn’t that the cutest little nipper you have ever seen? And that pony, Wow! Well guess what, one of them is me, the other is ‘Talk of the Town,’ an international champion in several different classes. I can’t say the same about myself, but ‘Talkie,’ as he was affectionately named, won enough ribbons for the […]

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Posted October 19 2016 in Horses

View Dufferin Horses Video | Posted August 07 2015

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Dufferin Horses

The film ‘Dufferin Horses’ was produced in 1953 at James Franceschini’s breathtaking estate, Dufferin Haven in Mt. Tremblant Quebec.

Set high above the shores of Lac Tremblant, with a view of the world famous ski resort, Dufferin Haven was a paradise for man and beast alike.

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Posted June 25 2015 in Horses



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