Emotional Wellness

Our Kids, Suicide, Why?

Project Semicolon ‘A semicolons is used when an author could have ended a sentence but chose not to. You are the author and the sentence is your life.’                                   Students Protest for Suicide Support. On Tuesday June 7th 2016, […]

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You Will Never Know

    *** Author’s Note*** This essay originally contained two Youtube videos of the song ‘You Will Never Know’ by the French chanteuse Imany, which are no longer available because of copyright laws. There are many versions this song still available to view on Youtube. I would recommend you view one while reading this story.   […]

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Emotional Wellness and You

    Happiness and contentment are marvellous feelings. Being at peace with yourself and your environment is a goal well gained. But the older you get, for many people life seems more complicated and stressful. This world we live in is a whole lot faster and more complex than the one I came into in […]

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